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Nicked from Neevzie.....

Ten things I wish I could say to ten different people right now:
2. You're annoying the crap out of me right now, please stop talking.
4. I love you and I wish you cared. 
5. I get a kick out of making you upset.
6. I'm so unbelievably jealous of you right now I pray every night that I could miraculously wake up as you.
7. I don't feel like succeeded in life. Up yours.
8. There are times when I feel like pretending you're a football and kicking you across the parking lot.
9. Am I invisible???? NOTICE ME NOW!!!
10. I'm completely aware that I'm a bad person. No need to remind me.

Nine things about myself:
1. I LOVE The Monkees
2. I hate my birthday.
3. I desperately wish I could've been alive in the 60s.
4. I have an obsession with Minnetonka Mocassins.
5. I don't give a crap about politics even though I should.
6. The summer of 2007 was spent almost entirely on the computer looking at Monkees websites.
7. I have a desperate need to be happy, and it destroys me when I'm not.
8. I was once told that it is my job to be happy and make others happy, and I'm not allowed to be sad. I have believed this ever since.
9. I sing almost everywhere I go

Eight ways to win my heart:
1. Take me to see one of The Monkees in concert.
2. Get into the same music I like so we can discuss things like what a jerk Michelle Phillips is, and how The Monkees are SO a real band.
3. Appreciate who I am.
4. Sing the song "Girl" to me. (The song Davy sings on the Brady Bunch)
5. Be a real gentleman. There are NO guys who are like that today, and it bugs me.
6. Buy me some LP's. I think those are better than diamonds man.
7. Watch a bunch of classic, old movies with me.
8. Making me soup. I could live off that stuff.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:
1. The Monkees
2. hippies
3. Clairba
4. Getting married
5. banjos
6. psychedelic colors
7. love

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. Brush my retainers (YUCK!!)
2. Check to see what's on the radio
3. Write in a journal
4. Decide which Monkee I'm going to dream about XD
5. Make sure my Monkees Music Box is where it's supposed to be.
6. Drink juice.

Five people who mean a lot:
1. Clairba
2. Mike Nesmith
3. Erin
4. Colleen
5. Suzie (.......even though she's currently ignoring me and spending all her time with John)

Four things I'm wearing right now:
1. plaid jacket!!!!
2. butterfly necklace
3. My school uniform
4. brown headband

Three songs I listen to a lot/ at the moment:
1. Come On In ~ The Monkees
2. California Dreamin' ~ The Mamas and The Papas
3. Auntie's Municipal Court ~ The Monkees

Two things I want to do before I die:
1. Make love with one of The Monkees
2. Have a family

One confession:
During chapel at my school, instead of paying attention, I daydream about making love to Peter Tork. XD


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Oct. 30th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
while i work all i do is think about how hot it would be if Nez, Thorkelkitty and Micky walked in my store naked LOL :D ! WOO HOO!
Oct. 31st, 2008 12:05 am (UTC)
that WOULD be hot!!! YEE HAW!!

.....they might get arrested shortly after for public nudity but.... it'd still be hot.... XD
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