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Happy freaking valentines day.

I don't like this holiday much. Why be reminded of my lack of boyfriend, huh?

I mean, it could be worse. My poor friend has a REALLY creepy guy stalking her, so I guess I should be glad that's not my case.

Suzie got herself a full-on Cinderella story and I got to watch it all and be jealous. She was like me at one point. Never had a boyfriend. The guy she liked never gave her the time of day. She was always unnoticed and worked hard like a little Cinderella. Then John came along and treated her like the princess I have to admit she really is. And boy is John ever a prince charming!!!!!

I'm not saying Suzie doesn't deserve any of it. Out of anyone I know, Suzie deserves it the most, but...... I still wish it were me. You know?

I'm not a Cinderella, and my story won't end like that. I can guarantee it.

So the bottom line is: Valentines Day sucks.

If I could just date Peter Tork or Mike Nesmith, I wouldn't have any of these problems.

I don't expect sympathy. Nor do I deserve it. I just needed to vent.
Thanks for listening whoever bothered to.



YAYAYAYAYAYAAAA!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER TORK!!!! :D I love that man soooo much!!! <3

Peter's a sexeh beast!!!! I could rant for hours how he wasn't recognized as an artist or a musician in his time with The Monkees. Because he was SOOO GREAT!!!! He could play all these different kinds of instruments and they just kinda ignored him!!! :o It's their loss. Because Peter is awesome. XD

Much love to you Peter!!! I hope you'll be blessed for the rest of your life!!! (I doubt he'll read this, but you know, it's worth a try!! XD)

He did email me after I emailed him recently. :D I was UBER excited when I got it back. :D It was pretty vague like, "Thanks for being a fan! Make sure you check out our website, blah blah blah......." But STILL!!! It was signed "Love, Peter." And that's all that matters to me!! XD

*sniffle* They grow up soooo fast!!! XDD They're both AMAAAZING guys and I wish them the BEST!!! :D

And this is a picture I drew of DAVY! :D It didn't come out exactly like I wanted it to, but I hope y'all like it anyways!!

Merry Christmasness!!!

Yay! Christmasness is coming sooooooon!!! I REALLY REALLY hope I get Tantamount to Treason on CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo..... I've got a little Christmasness survey for you all! :D (AAAAanndd I may involve The Monkees in there somewheres because that's just the way I am)

1. What are you almost postive you're getting for Christmas this year?

2. What do you really want for Christmas, but know for a fact that you're not gonna get?

3. Which Monkee would you wanna be caught under ze mistletoe with? <3

4. What do you think is the BEST gift you got for someone else this Christmasness?

5. Do you think you'll get any presents involving The Monkees this year?

And..... surprisingly enough, I can't think of any other questions.....
Well, that'll have to do..... I really just felt like posting because I haven't done it in awhile. :D


Tagged by Theasigma....

a. people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. tag eight people. don't refuse to do that. don't tag who tagged you.

1. If you could travel back in time and go to a concert of any artist or band that is no more, what/who would it be
The Monkees. Summer of 1967. It's magic baby.

2. How do you style your hair?
I usually don't give a crap what I do with my hair. Gym days at school I put it up, but otherwise I wear a headband.

3. What's new in your life right now?
Outlook maybe. That changes almost every day in one way or another.

4. How many colors are you wearing now?
Blue and navy blue. School uniform. *sigh*

5. What was the last thing you watched on TV?
A movie on TCM of which I don't know the name.

6. What was the last book you read?
The last book I read all the way through was The Way West, and right now I'm in the middle of Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn.

7. Do you nap a lot?
Nope. I feel like I miss something when I nap during the day.

8. If the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?
There's no secret about it. When I like somebody somehow the entire district finds out about it. And I usually wallow in self-pity until somebody snaps me out of it.

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Yes. The winter season bums me out to be quite honest with you. I have so many good memories of the summer.... I hate to see them go.

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
Soft pretzel.

11. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
However much time my Monkees CD takes to play as I get ready. I literally start getting ready when I press play and stop when I press stop. XD

12. What websites do you visit daily?
LiveJournal, Facebook, DavyJones.net, PeterTork.com, MickyDolenz.com, and videoranch.com

13. What classes are you taking right now? and if you're not in school anymore, what's your job?
The average classes of a sophomore in highschool. Geography, English, Spanish, Geometry *shivers*, Physical Science.

14. Do you like to clean?
I have my moments when the Polish girl in me comes dancing out, and I clean the house.

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Roll with the Flow by the sexiest man alive: a.k.a. Michael Nesmith.

16. What are you doing right now?
Realizing that I should probably be doing my homework right now.

17. So, who was your childhood idol?
Childhood idol? Uuuuuhhhhhh.......... Peter Tork. That my friends is the answer to everything.

18. What would you do if you see $100 lying on the ground?
I wouldn't pick it up. I wouldn't even bother with it. If I pick it up, I may enter myself into a situation I don't want to be entered into. If I take it, then I've got the guilt that it belongs to someone else, if I turn it in, I'm way too awkward for that kinda stuff. I wouldn't know how to go about doing it..... and even if I did I'd be too lazy to do it.

19. What is the last dream you remember having?
I set out to kidnap Mike Nesmith, but Peter Noone was walking down the sidewalk in front of my house and he passed out, so I thought, "Hey, it'll be easier just to kidnap him." So I did. Then I had him propped up against my couch, and I was listening to Henry the 8th, and then his eyes flew open, and it scared the crap out of me. Then I buried my face into a pillow I had on that same couch. Because in my dreams, hiding my face solves all problems. XD If only it were that easy.

20. Tell me something good.
Love makes the world go round baby.

Oh.... guess I gotta tag some people huh? Uhhhh...... pippiehippie  color_sound  loose_salute  neevzie  (even though theasigma already tagged her) daytonademon  mercury_diva </div>

Uuuhhhhhhh.......... at this point in time....... I can't think of an eighth person......... Sorry. I tried.



I started a fanfic that I'm really loving so far. It's called "Long Title: Stuck in a Church. How the Heck Did We Get Here?" It's about The Monkees finding themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere in a church, and each of them recall what happened in their own points of view. Like, in Peter's point of view everyone is as dumb as dirt, and he has to help them, and in Davy's point of view everyone admires him and wants to be just like him, and that sort of thing....... SOOO I thought I'd be a nice little torkietexan and give you a little snippet of the story!! :D

Davy lay back in the pew of the church and stared into the stained glass windows coloring the pulpit. Peter casually picked at a finger nail, Micky twirled his drums sticks in his hand, and Mike paced in circles.

"How did we get here?" He asked retorically. "We are stuck in some stupid church in the middle of nowhere, USA."

"Apologize!" Micky demanded.

"To who?!?' Mike said taken aback a little at Micky's outburst.

"To God!!! I bet He doesn't think the church is stupid." Mike chuckled despite the predicament they were in.

"I think it was your fault." Davy called from the pew extending an arm that pointed to Micky.

"My fault?" Micky nearly shrieked. "How is this my fault?"

"You're the one who read the map wrong!"

"And the road signs." Peter added.

"That's rediculous! Can you believe this Mike? They're accusing me!"

"I believe it." Mike rolled his eyes.

"Well, maybe I'm accusing Peter!" Micky crossed his arms and pouted.

"Me?" Peter raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"

"You were insisting that we take a trip out into the country, and play at your hillbilly cousin's wedding!"

"I grew up with that guy!" Peter defended. "Besides I think it was Mike's fault."

"Oh, okay. How the heck is it my fault? What could I have possibly done?"

"You're always on my side! You had the power to say we weren't going on this trip!"

"I can't believe you're yellin' at me for something so dumb! You should be glad I stick up for you! If it's anybodys fault, it's Davy's!"

"You can't possibly blame this one me! I had no part of it."

"If you hadn't been born, we wouldn't have started a band, and then we wouldn't be in this mess!" Mike scoffed.

"Oh, please. Blame my parents for that one." Davy rolled his eyes.

"I can barely remember what happened up until now." Micky sighed.

"I remember what happened." Peter said looking back in his memory. "It happened like this. . . "

Nicked from Neevzie.....

I feel like posting.......

Sooo yeah...... I've got little to nothing to say, but I wanna post something so here I am!!!

I've felt myself go slightly insane and then become incredibly depressed and then watch The Monkees and feel totally better again.

I blame John and Suzie for the WHOLE thing.

That man has got me going insane. Even though I wasn't that sane to begin with. He just kinda pushed me over teh edge. XD

I HATE BEING JEALOUS!!!!! I also hate being a desperate teenage girl. Thank God I'll be outta high school in a few years. I'm hoping like hell it gets better from here. XD

HOWEVER I don't think I'll have to worry about John and Suzie in the future. John's going off to be a marine, and I doubt a teenage puppy love relationship can withstand that. It still worries me though........ I hope he'll be okay.....
I'm so pathetic I've written a story about it. It's about a marine in the Vietnam war (a.k.a. John) and he comes home to see his sister Suzie (MWAHAHAHA! I'm so evil I made her his SISTER in the story XD) who has been diagnosed with MS, and he ends up falling in love with a HIPPIE (a.k.a. me XDD)

It ends horribly though. It's one of things that HAS to be written the way it tells you to in your mind. Suzie dies, and John dies. Uhhhh....... that leaves me........ XD I know that sounds horrible, but in the end John and I get married.......... it isn't quite finished yet, but it's turning out alright.

Sooo, now that you all know I'm a pathetic freak-o-nature......... XD

I think I've got everything out that I wanted to say. What I love about LJ is that no one I know in real life is on here. And if they are, they can't see this because I'm not friends with them on this site. XD

*sigh* PHEW! Now that that's over!.....


Because surveys are FUN and I.... have nothing better to do...... Anyone can take it, just post answers in the comment box. This is just for fun.... and once again.... I have nothing better to do. XD So let's stop focusing on my lack of a life, and let's get to ze survey!!!!

1. What's your favorite thing about each of the Monkees?

2. Have you heard Mike Nesmith's latest album "Rays" and if you did, did you like it?

3. If you could meet only one of The Monkees, which one would you want to meet and what would be your ideal setting for this meeting?

*weird question* 4. If you were to have children with one of The Monkees, which one would make the cutest babies?

5. How many of you have ever noticed that Mike swears in Art for Monkees Sake but they just overdub it?

6. What part of Nez is the sexiest? (Yes, I know this is a SUPER hard question!!! XD)

7. Which Monkees song do you think is the most romantic?

8. Which Monkees song do you think is the saddest?

9. What was the one thing that any of The Monkees had said that made you laugh the most?

10. If you could insert yourself into one of the roles of the girls that were paired with a Monkee in an episode, who would it be? (And I had trouble phrasing this question, so I don't blame you if you're confused right now)

*non-Monkee questions* (I know... those are no fun, but anyways....)

11. Do you like ABBA? And if you do, what's your favorite song?

12. How about The Mamas and The Papas? What's your favorite song, if you like them?

13. Do you think I'm awesome? (lolz just joking. You CAN answer that if you want. XD But I'll make it optional for your sake. XDD)

The three kinds of heart breaks.......

There's the first kind: He doesn't like you the way you like him.
There's the second kind that's worse: He doesn't like you the way you like him because he's interested in another girl.
And there's the third kind that's the worst: He doesn't like you the way you like him because he's interested in another girl that just so happens to be one of your best friends.

Guess which one happened to me most recently?
Can't get it?
It's the third one. :(
He's the greatest guy in the world too, and I should've known better that he wouldn't be into me. My friend, Suzie, is like the greatest thing since sliced bread. (And I'm certain he thinks that more out of anyone)

SOOOOooooOOOOoooo here I am drowning in self-pity whilst listening to Crosby Stills and Nash......... You Don't Have to Cry has nothing to do with the situation I'm in, but it's working for me. XD I poured my guts out onto paper and wrote a three page long poem. XD I'ma putting it here, because I like sharing. XD

Crappy love poems by torkietexan...........Collapse )
I'm heartbroken guys. I NEED MONKEES!!!!!

Phew. That's better. I don't know what I'd do without these guys. For seriously.